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Horizontal tanks - water carriers
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We are organizing a dealers' network

We are organizing a dealers' network.

With every passing year plastic tanks become a more wanted product at the consumer goods market of Ukraine, both consumer and industrial. Having tried once, our customers see the advantages of the products. In order to be closer to the consumers we actively develop the dealers' network in all regions of Ukraine.

We invite to collaboration active and determined people (both businessmen and enterprises) who are able and eager to develop themselves. A sufficient condition for fruitful mutually beneficial collaboration is the availability of storage facilities and a client base.


The Advantages of Collaboration with "Evro Plast"("Euro Plast"):

- stably high  revenues;
- the widest range  of plastic tanks at the market of Ukraine  and  the CIS;
- high-quality products, reliable and advanced  technology;
- information support;
- simple and  convenient business processes.

Phone   today (048) 769 0839
And we will offer  you   interesting terms of cooperation!

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