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Universal water-carriers

How to convert a KAMAZ, a truck or a minibus into a season water-carrier

УвеличениеWe all know perfectly well, that a water - carrier is a tank - car or a semitrailer cistern, intended for transportation and temporal storage of drinking - water, milk, dairies, juices, wort , wine and other food liquids. In agriculture it can also be used while transporting water for watering or applying different kinds of liquid fertilizers and growth stimulants on the fields.

However, not all businessmenand farmers, can allow themselves to purchase a water-carrier, correlating the necessity of its operation with the cost.

Exactly in such cases businessmen began to use Увеличениеthe horizontal tanks manufactured by "Euro Plast" and " Plast Bak". The assortment of them varies widely from 100 to 5 000 litres. Having mounted any tank on the vehicle (КАМАZ, truck or even a minibus) available, you can get a water-carrier for a necessary time period.

However, these tanks are intended for permanent storage of liquid, viscous, alcohol-containing, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, combustive-lubricating and other corrosive products (see the chart of stability). They resist to the sharp variations of temperature and moreover they are light (one man is able to manage with the equipping a water-carrier). Low weight also allows to mount and dismantle a tank easily , that will make it feasible to use a vehicle on the direct purpose.

1000 L – 37kg 1500 L – 61kg 2000 L – 66kg 3000 L – 92kg 5000 L – 152 kg

Nevertheless the companies "Euro Plast" and " Plast Bak" don’t guarantee the durable operation of horizontal tanks as water-carriers and recommend to use the strengthened tanks.


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