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The process of manufacturing the produce by our plant is based on the use of the method of rotary shaping. This procedure has long been recognised as the most suitable for manufacturing arge-size products of polyethylene.


The process of manufacturing products consists of 3 stages:


1. Preparatory, which includes:


• making a drawing of a future product;

• designing the shape of the future product;

• making the mould



2. Productive, which includes the next stages:


•Filling the mould with polymeric material.The material for manufacturing the produce is linear powdery polyethylene of low pressure;

• the stage of direct shaping of a product. The mould with the material is placed in a stove, where while rotating and affected by the temperature polyethylene sticks to the walls of the mould, that provides making a high-strength seamless product;

• cooling the mould. After a certain period of time the mould is removed from the stove and placed into the refrigerating chamber where the affect of the cold air and water spraying provide final hardening of polyethylene.

• the extraction of the product. After complete hardening the mould is opened up and the product is extracted.


3. Preselling:


Treating the finished products with the help of the special equipment and materials, improving the surface appearance and the physical specifications of the products.


The advantages of rotary shaping can be illustrated by the examples of the manufacture and use of the finished products. The products, manufactured by rotary shaping, are most commonly used in all the spheres of the market.

Rotary shaping gives the opportunity to manufacture multilayer products with each layer made of different polymeric materials as well as products with double walls and foamed products. Rotary shaping gives the opportunity to attach different parts and high-quality graphic images to a product.


The main advantages of rotary shaping as compared to the other technologies of manufacturing polyethylene products:

• wasteless production;

• the possibility to get the products without the inner tension and the polymer orientation;

• the possibility to manufacture monolithic products of difficult shape;

• the possibility to manufacture large-size products;

• the possibility of multi-layer shaping and manufacturing foamed products and products with double walls;

• the possibility to attach metal parts and a customer's logotype;

• the possibility to manufacture the same item with the walls of different thickness without changing the mould.

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