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Autonomous Mobile Lavatory

Autonomous mobile lavatory serves to ensure the maintenance of the sanitary standards on the building sites as well as during feasts, festivals and championships.

The overall dimensions: LxWxH=1150x1150x2350mm

Autonomous mobile lavatory Hereinafter referred to as a toilet cubicle is worked out and engineered by the best specialists. The construction of a toilet cubicle corresponds to the strictest modern demands. The flat tray (base) of a toilet cubicle is manufactured of highly durable polyethylene as opposed to toilet cubicles with wooden flat trays, thus an easier and more durable construction as well as a longer service is guaranteed.

The ventilation system of a toilet cubicle is constructed the way it doesn't make it possible for unpleasant and harmful fumes to concentrate inside the cubicle. A toilet cubicle doesn't need the installation of any extra lighting. Due to the white translucent roof natural lighting is enough during the daytime, in the evening and at night it is enough to put the toilet cubicle near the source of street lighting. A standard packaging arrangement includes a wash sink, a paper holder, a hook for bags and clothes, a latch with the indicator "Occupied/ Vacant" and a handle. A toilet cubicle can be also equipped with lighting, a towel-holder, a mirror, a dispenser for liquid soap.

Toilet cubicles are manufactured of high-quality imported polyethylene which is resistant to sharp temperature variations of the environment (from - 40C to + 60C). Special agents added to polyethylene make the toilet cubicles resistant to the direct influence of the ultraviolet sunrays.


Item Price with VAT, Hrv Basket
Mobile toilet cubicle 4654,00
Empty mobile toilet cubicle 3525,00
Cubicle with peat lavatory 4150,00
Mobile shower cubicle 3670,00
Peat lavatory 640,00

Peat lavatory


A peat lavatory is an ideal solution for summer homes (dachas). It can be built in a summer cottage rest-room as well as any backhouse. As opposed to ordinary lavatories, based on the action of chemical agents composed of formaldehyde and hydrocyanic acid which are dangerous for human's health, the proposed peat lavatory is filled with peat mixture without any chemical additives so it deodorizes the air and converts the bio wastes into ecologically pure manure. Ordinary peat can be used as filler bur it is more effective to use an absorber based on peat (trade marks "Agrobalt" and "Zeleny Sad" ("A Green Garden" ). These fillers can be bought in any specialized shop of garden tools (one pack is supplied to a lavatory).



The construction is supplied with a convenient tank for removing the manure with the volume of 40 litres (the recommended volume of filling is 15 litres) or with a polyethylene bag that makes the operation more convenient. The effective deodorization is secured by a vent pipe. The peat mixture which is used in the lavatory possesses a high absorptive ability. 1kg of the peat mixture absorbs 10 litres of liquid fraction. As a result the surface area of a liquid fraction evaporation widens considerably and 80% of the liquid is removed with the help of a vent pipe.

Installation and Ventilation

A peat lavatory is mounted in a room so it would be feasible to take out a vent pipe through a hole in the roof. The minimal area of the room is 75x120cm. The vent pipe (supplied)is necessary for deodorization and evaporation of the surplus of the liquid from the lavatory, it is also intended to supply the manure with oxygen. For the effective work of the ventilation the vent pipe should be mounted into the strictly-vertical position without any bends. Due to the effective ventilation and a small volume of the receiving tank of this configuration of the lavatory a drainage tube is not supplied.
Operation and Emptying

First the bottom of the receiving tank is filled with the peat for 3-4 cm; the upper tank of the lavatory is also filled. After using the lavatory it is necessary to cover the contents of the receiving tank with the peat. The peat covers the excrements and is a living space for manure microorganisms that promotes the process of composting. Emptying the lavatory is done alongside with its filling in the following way: the upper part of the construction is taken off and the contents are removed to a vegetable garden or a compost pit. For example, if your family consists of 3-4 people, then you will have to take it away once a month. The compost generated in the lavatory during a period is a strong fertilizer.
With the purpose of its further use as a fertilizer for a garden or a vegetable garden, it is recommended to mix the compost up with soil or other bio wastes. In a year you will get the soil enriched by fertilizers.
The price of a peat lavatory is 640 hrivnas.


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